We’re excited to announce the Be S.A.F.E. campaign to help promote the reopening of Downtown Midland! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be promoting that people visiting the downtown district be Smart, Active, Friendly, and Excited. While you visit downtown, be sure to follow these best practices:

Be Smart

  • Wear a facemask, please (this helps keep others around you safe). Social distance! Keep 6ft apart from anybody you don’t live with (this helps keep you safe).
  • Wash your hands frequently (you know the drill—20 seconds minimum, lots of soap).
  • Feeling sick? Take a couple of weeks at home to feel better. We’ll still be here!

Be Active 

  • There’s more to Downtown than shopping and dining!
  • It’s kayak season and it’s beautiful out. Need we say more?
  • Grab your running shoes, bike, or skateboard and hit the Rail Trail!
  • Pull up a seat at the outdoor fireplaces or beneath a pergola.

Be Friendly 

  • Please be patient, as there might be wait times or capacity limits in place.
  • No, really. Please, please be patient. Servers, cashiers, and cooks will appreciate it!
  • Social distancing doesn’t have to be “anti-social”. Say “hi”, wave, do one of the goofy dances from that video game. This has been a weird time for everybody, so let’s have a laugh!

Be Excited

  • Post! Post! Post! Share your experiences on social media!
  • Tell your friends, your family, or coworkers: Downtown Midland is open!
  • Use the hashtag #DowntownMidlandMi on your photos, tweets, or stories! The “Mi” part of the hashtag is really important, though. Apparently, some town in Texas stole our name.

Beginning Thursday, June 18, two blocks of Main Street will be closed to vehicular traffic to allow more space for shopping, dining and enjoying downtown Midland. Main Street will be closed from Ashman to McDonald and from McDonald to Rodd Street. The cross streets of Ashman, McDonald and Rodd will remain open for traffic, parking and convenient curbside pickups.