The Midland Downtown Development Authority is thrilled to announce the launch of the new brand identity and website for Downtown Midland.

“With the revitalization of the Downtown Midland streetscape and the emergence of new businesses throughout the district, the time was right to re-energize the look and feel of the Downtown Midland brand,” said Selina Tisdale, Community Affairs Director at the City of Midland. “The new look for Downtown Midland represents the welcoming feeling and energy one should expect when dining, shopping, or simply relaxing in the district.”

The new Downtown Midland logo was inspired by the repeating forms found around the downtown area–from the intricate masonry of our historic buildings to the stunning rays of a sunrise along our treeline. Just like our Downtown itself, the type tells a story of the familiar meeting the new, as the traditional lettering with its arched characters meets the pared-down simplicity of a modern sans. Lastly, the color palette draws on the hues of a sunny afternoon in Downtown Midland, ripe with optimism, potential, and the allure of things undiscovered.