Located in Chippewassee Park, just over the Tridge in downtown Midland you can find Trilogy Skate Park. This 15,000-square-foot facility offers the latest in outdoor fun for both skateboards and in-line skates. Helmets and other safety gear are strongly suggested. New for 2015 – bikes are allowed inside the park.

Hours of operation are Sunday – Saturday 8 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. In the winter months the park will not be available if snow is present.

New Lighting System!
We have a new timer-lighting system at the Trilogy Skate Park. To activate lights, press button. Lights will be on for 45 minutes. when green light flashes you have 5 minutes to press button before lights to turn off. Remember, it take 15 minutes for bulbs to cool enough for system to reset.

Trilogy Skatepark Rules

  • For Your Safety and Enjoyment
  • Be courteous to other skaters. Roughhousing and violence are not permitted.
  • For your protection, wear the proper safety equipment, including helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads.
  • Glass containers are not allowed inside the fence.
  • No personal ramps or street items are allowed in the park.
  • Only equipment in good condition are allowed within the fence.
  • Spectators assume risk for themselves.
  • Spectators must stay off skating surface.
  • The Skatepark is a drug and alcohol free zone.
  • This is YOUR PARK! Help keep it safe and clean. Do not litter, draw graffiti or abuse the park in any way.